Monday, September 29, 2014

Story Time

You wanna read a fairy tale? Everyone likes fairy tales, right? Well, let me tell you one...

Once upon a time, there was a queen. Sadly, she didn't know that she was a queen. She didn't know that she deserved a king, so she settled for court jesters and commoners. One day, a king approached her. He wanted to sweep her off of her feet. His desire was to share his kingdom with her. The king told her on a constant basis how beautiful she was, and that no other woman could come close to being her. This king only had eyes for her, and she knew that. She was so used to the commoners that she couldn't understand why this king wanted her. Finally, the king gave up. He told her that he could no longer play second to a court jester. He told her that she was a queen, and she should act as such. He left her...alone. At that moment, the queen realized that she was royalty, and decided to reclaim her throne.

Were you expecting a happy ending? I mean, it has one, just not the one that you wanted.

But did you get it? No? Let me try this...

I don't think that we as women know that we're descendants of royalty. I think that we feel that we can't get any better than the court jester, so we settle for them and the bullshit jokes that they tell. At some point, we have to understand that we shouldn't be crying the way that we do behind men who only care about themselves. We have to know that we deserve more for our lives. 

We settle because we think that there aren't any "good men" out there. We confine ourselves to a box because of our circumstances...our town...our physical appearance. We think that only a certain type of man would want us. I'm here to tell you that I've had men from every walk of life try to get with me: short, tall, broke, business owners, fat, fine as hell... GOD fine as hell....oh wait...I lost focus... 

...ok....I'm back.

What I'm saying is that you must have the confidence to know that you are a great catch. YOU have to believe it, because if you don't, then that man that you're looking at won't. Pick your head up, throw those shoulders back, and put on that smile. Whether you know it or not, someone is watching you.
Learn to love yourselves. I'm learning to love myself all over again. There was a period of time that I couldn't stand who I saw in the mirror. I would ask that sucka "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest of them all?" It would never respond. Finally I asked this question, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most BEAUTIFUL of them all?" The mirror responded with a smile...MY smile. Anyone can tell you that you're pretty...beautiful is something totally different. I had to remind myself how beautiful that I was, inside and out. And that is when the loving myself process started all over again.

I had to remind myself that I'm royalty. I'm a queen. I'm the mother of a princess. I deserve the best and she deserves to see what a king looks like. 

(I mean...I don't have my king YET, but he's coming....LOL)

 I'm a queen. Maybe you didn't understand that...


...and you WILL treat me as such!!!

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