Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Playground

Let's go back to the childhood years, shall we?

I can recall in school when the teacher would say to write a composition about anything that we could think of. We would write silly stories about boats, beaches, & playing in the park. Whatever our minds could think of, we would write. Remember hearing the teacher say "Just use your imagination"? Yeah...those days.

As adults, our imagination "leaves", so to speak, & reality kicks in. Here's the problem with that: our imagination has us thinking nothing but negative thoughts.

You know what they say: an idle mind is the devil's workshop....and it definitely is.

We're all guilty of it. Every last one of us. (And if you say "not me", you're a liar.)

When we have a lot of time on our hands, we tend to think of the worst case scenario in a lot of things. We have a lot of "what ifs" going through our heads.

"What if" he/she is with someone else?
"What if" I'm not what they want?
"What if" they fire me from this job?

(add your own "what if" here...)

Well, what if you trained your brain NOT to think about the negative? You keep asking yourself all of these questions & most of the time the answer is pretty simple & NOTHING like you had envisioned in your mind.

Your imagination has gone from being playful as a kid to negative as an adult.

But why? Who told you that you had to grow ALL the way up. (did that make sense?) Yes, you should mature as you grow older, but you have to realize that the ones that live long lives do so because they smile & are still kids at heart. (Random? Yes, but you get my point.)

Somehow, we let life get to us...& when you feel nothing but the negative, it stays in your head. That negative thought then oozes on to the people around us in the strangest way: we take out all of our negative thinking on them. We blame them for things that they haven't even done. They're steadily trying to figure out what they did...when they did nothing. YOU put that thought in your head about them & began to accuse them of things that they didn't do...

Yep, it's all YOUR fault.

Here's another thing: if you have a feeling about something, if you feel like you need to find something out...OPEN YOUR MOUTH & ASK! Is it really that hard? No, it's not. The hard part is that YOU may not be ready for the matter how good OR bad it is. My thing is this: why sit there & let the devil run, jump, & slide in your "playground" when you could just ask & get the answers that you're wanting?

Think about it...I'll wait. (looks at clock...I don't own a watch...)

Well what do I do, you ask? How about you get a hobby? Read a book? Pray? I know that when I get in that mood, I pray that my Creator takes that spirit away from me. Why spend your time thinking about all of those negative things when you could easily counteract that with a positive thought? Now don't get me wrong, it may take a while to retrain your brain to do so, but it IS possible. You have to find something to occupy your mind so that the devil won't have a field day kicking up sand & playing on the swings.

You have to also understand that if you think negative things, then those things can & will happen. Remember Proverbs 18:21: Death & life are in the power of the tongue. What your mind manifests, so your tongue will speak. Why speak negative things upon your life, job, or relationships? I'm sorry, but I've done that enough in my life. I refuse to keep doing that.  

You should refuse to keep doing it too.

You should decide that it's enough of that. Go back to your childhood. Recall how you use to just play & make up games in your head to make time go by. That's right, use your imagination for the RIGHT things. Just because you're an adult doesn't mean that you have to grow old so fast. Hell I still watch cartoons. Why? Because it keeps my mind youthful...which gives me a youthful spirit. (plus they make me

Take your mind back...bring your imagination back...speak more life into your life.

Life is might as well enjoy it...mind, heart, body, & soul.