Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Female Issues

Can you believe it? Another blog within a 48 hour period?? I must really have something on my mind. If I'm writing another blog, well, that should make it obvious, right?

I'm wondering if there's something wrong with me. I don't do the things that a "normal" female would.

Follow me...

I don't get my nails done...you know, the acrylic & all that stuff. A simple mani & pedi will do me just fine. I don't want the expensive purses out there. I'll admire the shoes, but damn, who in the hell decided that stilettos was the way to go? I go for comfort & style, thank you kindly. Clothes...if it's cute & it fits, then I'll buy it. But I'm "frugal", so I'm not paying full price for anything...unless it's my birthday. I'll splurge then.

I have only seen one episode of "Sex In The City" & I didn't understand what the big deal was. I HATE Lifetime movies because they're too dramatic, even for me.  Just look at the titles of those movies: "When She Didn't Come Home" or "Her Dark Secret"...REALLY??  I hate chick flicks & would prefer to watch a comedy or an action movie over them. Why in the hell do I want to watch a movie that will have me in my damn feelings? These hormone pills don't have an "overdrive" function, you know.

I don't get my hair done every other week. I'm so grateful that I went natural over two years ago. I feel sexier with my natural.

Makeup though...I LOVE makeup!!!  That's probably the only feminine thing that I can say that I'll do. Then again, most men approach me when I have NO makeup on. *shrugs*

Does it make sense now??

I've watched women post pics on Facebook of a bag that they want, or some shoes that they bought. I don't mind looking at them, because some of them ARE cute, but would I actually go out & buy it? Nope. I never understood why I should have a $300 bag when I don't have $30 to put in it.

You will probably never see me have a purse that matches my outfit...unless it's black. Everyone knows that black goes with everything.

I've never understood why I'm like that. I remember being in high school & while other girls were in the mall buying clothes, I was buying CD's. (See, there goes that music thing again.)

So I have been wondering if something is wrong with me. Does it make me any less of a woman because I don't do these "female things"? Am I crazy because I don't go "ga-ga" over the latest styles & fashions?

Naw, I think it just makes me different. I see myself as a simple woman who likes simple things. I'm not "average", & I think that I will be alright with that. You can have the names & labels, if that's your thing. I'm not knocking you for it. But for Misty, give me a tank top & some shorts or jeans & I'm GOOD...

...and I'm comfortable too...lol

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Musical Interludes

If anyone claims to know me, they know that I love music.

No, I don't think that you understand, I LOVE music! I love everything about it...I love the beats, the words, the way that a voice inflects the pain or the love that someone feels. I can listen to anything, from R&B to country...from gospel to heavy metal. If it has a beat, I'll listen. I post a lot of music on my Facebook wall when I'm in the mood. I had a friend that used to DJ with me until he got off of FB. That used to be so much fun because we used to try to top each other. Good times, good stuff...

Music is the soundtrack of my life. I can listen to a song & it brings back a memory...whether good or bad. I can tell you exactly what was going on at that moment in time. Sometimes it'll make me cry...I'm not talking about just in my heart, I'm talking about real tears...crocodile tears, if you will. Music has influenced my life just that much.

It could be it's because my dad was a DJ. It could be because my grandmother sang in the church choir. Whatever the reason is, music is & always will be my first love. (Well, before the birth of my daughter, but I digress...)

When I write, when I want peace, when I'm angry, when I'm in praise mode...I'm listening to music. It has given me clarity on situations in my life.

Right now, I'm listening to "No Happy Holidays" by Mary J. Blige. I can remember thinking that this song was my life at one point in time. It was so hard to listen to this song because I knew what I had to do. *sighs...*

Another song that brings tears to my eyes EVERY time I hear it is Jazmine Sullivan's "I'm In Love With Another Man". She sang that song so passionately that I cry to the point that my eyes are puffy. I've been there too. I probably could've had someone better but I was so stuck on one person that I let the other one pass me by because I thought that I wasn't good enough for the one that truly deserved my love.

(Shut up...I've made some bad decisions in my life...like you haven't!)

Now "I'm A Mess" by Anthony Hamilton is playing. That old school feel is so serious on this one. Not to mention it sounds a little like a gospel song too. I love this one!

I was told a few months to listen to Smokie Norful's "Run Till I Finish"...another one that makes me shed tears. The person that told me to listen to that has been through a lot, so when I hear it, he immediately comes to mind, & I thank God for His grace & mercy.

Beyonce's "Resentment"....the live version...for this line..."you could've told me, you weren't happy...I know you didn't wanna hurt me, but look what you done to me now. I've gotta look her in her eyes & see she's had half of me...SHE AIN'T EVEN HALF OF ME!!" (I've felt this pain...karma's a bitch people...)

I could go on & on with my love & passion for music. I'm a band geek (clarinet) & I love hearing a great vocalist because I was in the high school choir. If I have nothing, I have music. You want me to relax? Give me music. You want me to stop talking? Play a song. Hell even when I'm drunk I start to sing. (LMAO)

Music soothes the savage beast...& I can get in beast mode a lot...but as long as I have my playlists, I'll be soothed.