Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Female Issues

Can you believe it? Another blog within a 48 hour period?? I must really have something on my mind. If I'm writing another blog, well, that should make it obvious, right?

I'm wondering if there's something wrong with me. I don't do the things that a "normal" female would.

Follow me...

I don't get my nails done...you know, the acrylic & all that stuff. A simple mani & pedi will do me just fine. I don't want the expensive purses out there. I'll admire the shoes, but damn, who in the hell decided that stilettos was the way to go? I go for comfort & style, thank you kindly. Clothes...if it's cute & it fits, then I'll buy it. But I'm "frugal", so I'm not paying full price for anything...unless it's my birthday. I'll splurge then.

I have only seen one episode of "Sex In The City" & I didn't understand what the big deal was. I HATE Lifetime movies because they're too dramatic, even for me.  Just look at the titles of those movies: "When She Didn't Come Home" or "Her Dark Secret"...REALLY??  I hate chick flicks & would prefer to watch a comedy or an action movie over them. Why in the hell do I want to watch a movie that will have me in my damn feelings? These hormone pills don't have an "overdrive" function, you know.

I don't get my hair done every other week. I'm so grateful that I went natural over two years ago. I feel sexier with my natural.

Makeup though...I LOVE makeup!!!  That's probably the only feminine thing that I can say that I'll do. Then again, most men approach me when I have NO makeup on. *shrugs*

Does it make sense now??

I've watched women post pics on Facebook of a bag that they want, or some shoes that they bought. I don't mind looking at them, because some of them ARE cute, but would I actually go out & buy it? Nope. I never understood why I should have a $300 bag when I don't have $30 to put in it.

You will probably never see me have a purse that matches my outfit...unless it's black. Everyone knows that black goes with everything.

I've never understood why I'm like that. I remember being in high school & while other girls were in the mall buying clothes, I was buying CD's. (See, there goes that music thing again.)

So I have been wondering if something is wrong with me. Does it make me any less of a woman because I don't do these "female things"? Am I crazy because I don't go "ga-ga" over the latest styles & fashions?

Naw, I think it just makes me different. I see myself as a simple woman who likes simple things. I'm not "average", & I think that I will be alright with that. You can have the names & labels, if that's your thing. I'm not knocking you for it. But for Misty, give me a tank top & some shorts or jeans & I'm GOOD...

...and I'm comfortable too...lol

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  1. Love it! I like that you don't conform to what women think you should be doing. Embrace your uniqueness! I have. I understand your blogs so much because we are so alike. Now there's a few things I did differently. I bought CLOTHES and my MUSIC in school. LOL! I think you should try to watch "Sex And The City aka SATC" again. It is pretty funny. I'm POSITIVE that you've experienced some of the things they have with men. I know I have. LOL! I have the whole collection for you if you ever want to watch. Oh, my broke ass have a few Coach bags, but they were gifts. LOL!