Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dreamgirls...the ME version!

This is my first blog...wow...haven't done this in a while, so bear with me. I often have a lot on my mind. It tends to wander...a LOT! But usually when it comes back I have something interesting to say. Tonight, not so much...just this...

(singing...) I...am...changing!!!! (I felt Effie-ish today...lol)

I can feel it. It feels SOOO wonderful! The level of happiness is just sickening...lol. But it's me now...no more depressed, negative me...that woman's gone. This new me is full of life and love...well, love for herself and her child. Isn't that all that matters anyway? I'm happy...not because of where I am now, but because of where I'm going to be in the future! My future is so beautiful...I can see it! I can FEEL it!! I am amused by it!! :o) I am...ME!!!

My positivity depends on my desire to WANT to be happy. I will no longer say that I'm content...I'm not. Contentment means that you are happy with where you are in your life right now. I'm not there...yet...and I'm no longer content with saying that I'm content.

So if you see me, and I'm smiling, no, I haven't lost my mind. I just know where I'm headed, and that in itself keeps me cheesy!!!